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With limited manpower, San Diego Gas & Electric uses Essential Insight.mesh to focus on finding and fixing equipment issues before they reach a catastrophic level.


As a regulated public utility providing service to 3.4 million consumers in San Diego and southern Orange counties, SDG&E Palomar Energy was looking for a reliable way to monitor plant equipment in order to identify potential plant problems.

SDG&E already deployed 3500 Series Protection Systems and the System 1* software platform to monitor critical equipment such as turbines. However, wiring the essential SCR blowers and condensate pumps to the existing systems was cost prohibitive and the route-based vibration-monitoring program had become dormant due to lack of manpower with the handheld Snapshot* device used primarily for troubleshooting.

SDG&E needed a cost effective and reliable way to monitor the health of balance-of-plant equipment to prevent costly failures and improve overall reliability of essential equipment.


With a combination of Essential Insight.mesh and a 3-year Supporting Services Agreement, SDG&E is able to improve overall reliability of their essential assets as well as their critical assets.

Essential Insight.mesh is an efficient solution designed to address essential assets by augmenting conventional hardwired permanent monitoring and hand-held portable monitoring strategies-allowing reliable and affordable condition monitoring where conventional technology has reached its limits.


With its wireless capabilities, Essential Insight.mesh allows SDG&E to monitor essential equipment without the time and costs associated with hardwired equipment and manpower necessary for a walk-around monitoring program.

Along with the Essential Insight.mesh solution, GE provides Machinery Diagnostics Services (MDS) for both the critical turbines - via the 3500 Systems, and the essential equipment in the wireless solution on a monthly basis using a remote connection to SDG&E’s System 1* software solution. In addition, GE MDS engineers provide quarterly walk-around monitoring services on the less critical equipment not included in an on-line system using the Snapshot* portable condition monitoring device. This combination of hardware, software and services allows SDG&E to monitor equipment in an accurate, cost effective way to identify and rectify problems before they become catastrophic.


San Diego Gas & Electric increases monitoring capabilities with limited manpower at Palomar Energy Center, Escondido, California

“The ability to continuously monitor our essential equipment with reduced manpower and improved accuracy is a huge accomplishment. Essential Insight.mesh provides accurate results and is a cost effective way to monitor our essential assets. In addition, our GE Supporting Services Agreement provides detailed analysis of our System 1* data and turns it into actionable information”
- Scott Kuder, CMRP, Maintenance Planner, San Diego Gas & Electric.

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