Moisture & Humidity Measurement

Scalable to your needs, GE offers reliable moisture and humidity measurement solutions from multi-feature sensors and highly sensitive, stable oxide moisture probes to precise moisture generators.

27 Products

A single-channel hygrometer that combines our advanced M Series moisture probe with top line electronics

A compact, mid-range moisture transmitter probe designed specifically for refrigeration dryer monitoring

A loop-powered mid-range moisture transmitter for simple, cost effective mid-range moisture measurement

A convenient, portable analyzer that quickly spot checks the performance of gas dryers

A moisture analyzer designed to operate with the General Eastern DY5 or DY55

A loop-powered dew point transmitter for analyzing moisture content

A cost effective loop-powered transmitter for "in-line" installation and trace moisture measurement

A NIST-traceable relative humidity generator and calibration chamber

A loop-powered, intrinsically safe moisture transmitter that measures moisture content

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