Condition Monitoring and Protection

GE’s suite of groundbreaking rack-based and distributed condition monitoring software and hardware solutions including Bently Nevada enables greater asset reliability and enhanced efficiency for your operations, backed by an expert global support system.

Remote Monitoring - Oil & Gas - Offshore


$1 million in lost production and unplanned outages were avoided when the System 1 Decision Support® Dry Gas Seal RulePak identified multiple significant events at an offshore platform in the North Sea.

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Rack-based online condition monitoring solution for machinery protection and asset monitoring

Production Asset Reliability connects your existing work management and asset performance systems to generate and track work identification, execution and impact on business objectives.

System 1 Basic enables the simple, initial analysis needed to identify the right course of action when your instrument or production asset health is in question.

Cost-effective vibration monitoring and protection capabilities for non-critical machinery

Multi-channel data acquisition device acquiring dynamic signals using parallel sampling

Online monitoring system for continuous measurement of stator winding leakage currents

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